Insulco Emirates a member of Elenco Emirates Group is reputed for its reliability to provide quality work which has a proud past, active present and promising future. The Insulco Emirates was established and started operations in United Arab Emirates since 1987 as one of the major UAE national owned, well known contracting, manufacturing and trading company. Our efficiently trained and highly skilled personnel also enhance the peculiarity of the company are capable of executing all kind of works that comes under our line of activities.

We are registered with all major private/public sector & oil companies in United Arab Emirate and our major project fields include Oil & Gas fields, Petrochemical Projects, Refineries, Power & Desalination Plants, Cold storage units, District Cooling Schemes, Oil storage tanks, High rise buildings, Commercial & Industrial builds etc. The core values that have directed our performance and functioning are the behavior towards each other and interaction with clients. Thus, leadership, excellence, integrity, accountability, teamwork and trust form the very basis of our business culture.

Our Services

Pipeline Maintenance

Insulco Emirates offers a range of specialist engineering services to support the planned cleaning of production pipelines

Debris and deposits in pipelines will reduce product flow and if left unchecked can result in pipelines becoming blocked. A planned cleaning program for pipelines will prevent the build-up of debris or deposits and therefore help ensure the expected product throughput is achieved.

Insulco Emirates offers a range of specialist engineering services to support the planned cleaning of production pipelines

Fire Protection Services

Passive Fire Protection



Boards / Sheets / Blanket (wraps)

Sealant, Mastics & Coatings

Penetration Seals


Blastproof Systems

Joints (Including Seismic)

Cable Coating / Wraps / Sleeves

Door Fire & Smoke Seals

Door Cores

Pipe Closures

Pillows Fire Wall Blocks Fireproof Adhesives

Duct Works

We custom design and fabricate duct work to your specifications. Our capabilities, facilities and research and development make us second to none when choosing a metal manufacturer for your project. Research and development are key elements of Insulco Emirates customer service model. Custom designs are cost effective and provide an accommodating path forward and a reliable product to fit your specific needs. The company’s experienced engineers and field personnel have earned a reputation for listening to specific needs or problems outlined by customers, and working hard to deliver the best solutions in a timely manner.

Blasting & Painting Works

Our industrial work can mean cleaning rust off large fabricated items using blasting and then priming/painting these items for delivery, or polishing delicate manufacturing equipment with blasting methods and preparing surfaces for specialty coatings requiring advanced techniques.


Insulco Emirates Scaffolding has a long-term commitment to working with our clients to reach a standard of world’s best practice and to be the benchmark in the scaffolding industry. Over many years our company has developed extensive expertise and knowledge of the Industrial Scaffolding industry. We are keen to work as an integrated team with customers by utilizing our skills and experience to ensure that all projects are carried out in a cost effective manner without compromising safety quality and the environment








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