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About Elenco Group

At the northeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Arabian  Gulf, in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, 1968, Elenco Emirates Group was formed.

The vision of a dynamic and sagacious individual who always had the determination of being the pioneer in an era of unprecedented development, lead Elenco Group to become a major business conglomerate engaged in multifarious activities across the seven emirates.


“To ameliorate every project we participate in, leaving a mark of success across the regional belt of the United Arab Emirates”

We always aim to provide the highest of quality, the most efficient and reliable products and services are delivered by professionally Trained staff that are adaptive with the changing technologies and market demands to provide the best solutions and a perfect execution.


“Meticulousness in planning, Perfection in execution”

To touch down on ultimate Client satisfaction and expectations while simultaneously adhering to time lines and schedules, it takes strict pinpoint procedures and planning to assure the perfect level of execution that we strenuously strive for.

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