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With the concept of Innovation, Diversification and Expansion ELECTRICAL CENTRE commenced its operations in Abu Dhabi in 1973.
With this definitive beginning the company has been continuously striving for excellence and as a result impeccable and dedicated services, tailor-made infrastructure, professionalism have enabled us to firmly establish ourselves as a market leader.
The company’s fields of endeavor include General Agents, Representation of Companies, Importers and Distributors of all kinds of electrical products, equipment’s and accessories. The excellent track record of progress and remarkable response from the respective markets within two decades gave us further impetus to instigate the pace.

Our office is situated in one of the key locations of Abu Dhabi on the Second floor of the Elenco Building, Hamdan Street with fully equipped services to meet our customer’s needs and service requirements with the assistance of our well qualified engineers and professional sales executives. The main showroom is located in Elenco Building, next to Nehal Hotel, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, where we demonstrate different ex-stock able products with facilities for the outside sales executives and a transit store for immediate delivery sales. In addition to promoting and marketing of our products, the Head Office offers Consultants and different Clients free design of electrical works for various types of projects which is subject to specifying our products.

During 1987 ELECTRICAL CENTRE started the local Assembly Plant under the license of SQUARED LIMITED, for Main Distribution Equipment, Street Lighting Pillars, Cut-Outs and Motor Control Centers. We are officially licensed by the local authorities and our products are approved by the Electricity Department of Abu Dhabi.

We have another Assembly and Manufacturing Plant at Abu Dhabi Industrial City located in Mussafah. This new facility is well equipped with all necessary epoxy powder painting plant and metal fabrication equipment to enable us to manufacture locally, Distribution Boards and Panel boards.

ELECTRICAL CENTRE Panel boards enjoy the distinction of having ASEFA, KEMA & DEKRA certificates and the company is ISO 9000 certified. Our quality standards are in accordance with the under Licenses agreement with SQUARE D COMPANY. We are also proud of our STOCK LEVELS US$ 4,750,000.00 which is the approximate value of ELECTRICAL CENTRE’s permanent stock and this stock is maintained monthly by regular programmed Orders with the different manufacturers.

Our Address

Electrical centre

P. O Box 103,

Elenco Building

Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Contact us on

Tel.  +971-2-6722400

Fax. +971-2-6722402

Working hours
Monday to Thursday & Saturday
8.00am to 6.00pm
8.00am to 12.00pm

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